Site registrations are currently open.   Please note that it will take a while to ramp content back up and will be working aggressively towards making things happen.   Currently looking for some staff - shoot me an email if interested.

News and Updates!

So "we" are back in a different way....Drumrock is going to become my drum blog .vs an online ezine.  I've toyed with what to do here for a while and the plan is to make this my blog but allow contribution to the site from any artist I can get who is willing to contribute.   So there will be some changes to the menu systems and formatting coming up - links to to facebook, twitter, my band pages, and what not.   

I'll be merging a lot of content from my other personal site Funkengroove into this one as well.

There will still be a discussion forum here and hopefully we'll get it active again and some lively discussions going.

Rock on and stay tuned...

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