Day 2: Walkin' and Talkin'

Well - another day has come and gone here at NAMM 2010.  After being really not blown away by anything on day 1 except for the excellent music at the Volto show last night,  I walked into the show today with no expectations other than seeing what else I could see.  To that extent I wasn't disappointed.

We really didn't see anything ground breaking on day two either - but its still fun to make it around the show floor and see the gear and thats the attitude I walked into the show with today. 

We hit the Sonor booth first - they have a new signature snare, this year for Phil Rudd of AC/DC fame:

The Force 3007's are looking to be great kits - and even the 2007's are nice looking - as usual as Sonor improves on their high end kits they pass along the tech to their low end so the 2007 and 3007 series kits are pretty tasty looking.

Sonor is also got some new pedals - most notably an offset style pedal.

After hitting Sonor we really had no focus we started hitting random booths.  I was most impressed by Ford Drum's new offerings, great custom kits that sound fantastic - the tonal response is amazing.  I would love to own one of these but its not easy on the typical drummers budget, even at the low end.

Soultone Cymbals seems to be quite the impressive lot - their product line is quite encompassing and they offer a full range of cymbals to meet most drummers needs.  These are all handcrafted Turkish cymbals.  Expect to see and hear more of these in the future.

After hitting those booths and talking to the people behind the scenes we just generally walked about taking photo's of whatever caught our eyes.  Lots of cymbals and smaller manufacturers.  We'll be talking more with Kelly Brady of Brady Drums tomorrow.

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